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Compact Storage Systems has an edge in tight spaces because, unlike single-manufacturer sources, we represent several equipment lines and bring enormous flexibility to creating your storage solution, most of them HIPAA compliant. Our systems will...

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High-Density Shelving Systems

Open-Shelf High-Density Shelving Systems

High Density Medical Records Storage High-Density Office Storage, matching Laminate End Panels click image to enlarge

Most medical office records don't get their own room - they're out front where they can crowd the staff and maybe get a bit unsightly. Compact Storage Systems' High-Density Shelving creates a clean, professional and spacious front-office while putting records at your finger tips.

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Open-Shelf Lateral Rolling Systems

Lateral Rolling System detail, track on carpet GEMTRAC Lateral Storage click image to enlarge

Lateral rolling systems also eliminate wasteful aisles but keep lots of material in plain sight. Start with a fixed, wall-anchored row, and add up to 2 depths of individual sections which roll side-to-side in front of it.

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Gemtrac Secure High-Density Shelving

GEMTRAC High-Density Security Storage click image to enlarge

With Gemtrac systems, individual shelving units slide and lock into a sealed cabinet, providing the utmost in HIPAA security, dust protection and easy access in a fraction of the usual area.

Gemtrac details [1] [2]
Gemtrac planning guide [1] [2]
Gemtrac Case Study

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Security Cabinets

Rotary Files

5-Tier TIMES-2 Rotary Files, 1 open, 2 closed3-Tier, 7-Tier and 5-Tier TIMES-2 Rotary Files5-Tier TIMES-2 Cabinet with Reference Shelf extended click image to enlarge

Imagine two lateral file cabinets back-to-back. Now rotate the files so the one in back appears before you in an instant! Our "Times 2" Rotary Files are double-sided shelving units that rotate inside an outer shell. For a given amont of material, they...

For office landscaping, "Times 2" Rotary Files...

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X Files Storage Systems click image to enlarge

Lateral drawers and lockable shelving...for less! The principle is simple; typical cabinets are placed along a wall, back-to-back and/or side-to-side so sides and backs aren't visible. "X-Files" allow you to save cash by adding backs and sides only where you can see them!

Product Info (PDF, 233k)

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Fixed Shelving

Woodtek Executive Shelving

Reference Volumes on WOODTEK Shelving WOODTEK Shelving configured for an Executive Office click image to enlarge

WOODTEK'S warmth and elegance only hint at its tremendous strength and versatility. What it beautifully conceals under its true wood finishes are our indestructable steel frames.

Case Study (PDF 287k)

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Aurora Steel Fixed Shelving

Medical Records StorageX-Ray StorageOffice Shelving click image to enlarge

This is the same indestructable, super-strong steel shelving we use on many of our mobile, high-density systems. It's easily configurable for endless uses and has simple, uncluttered lines that look great anywhere...

...and you cannot find shelving with more versatility:

Product Guide (PDF, 795k)

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Tambour Door Add-On Kits

Row of Tambor Doors Tambor Door click image to enlarge

If your existing shelving needs an added layer of security, we have the perfect fix. These rigid, double-wall doors roll up into an add-on roll box, mounted on top of your existing shelving.

Product Info (PDF, 187k)

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Hospital Applications

In addition to the Front-Office applications above, our Mobile and High-Density storage systems can be adapted to the following wide range of medical and support areas.

Surgical Supply Storage

surgical supply

Lateral-Rolling Mobile Shelving nearly doubles wall capacity while keeping most surgical supplies at hand.

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Radiology Storage


With capacities up to 1,500 lbs. per linear shelf foot, our high-density systems easily handle these great weights while doubling the capacity of X-Ray and film storage areas.

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Pharmacy Storage


In these high-density solutions, the shelving itself also offers many options. From varying shelf depths to bin and tray storage, pharmaceuticals can be stored with far greater control and efficiency.

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Food Service Storage

food service

We deliver the flexibility needed in this demanding application, for wet or dry goods, in kitchen or freezer areas, with flat or wire shelving - all in half the space.

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Central Supply Storage

central supply

Central Supply may have the widest range of storage needs and, again, we draw on many shelving sizes and types to custom fit your space solution. Everything becomes clearly organized in a fraction of the normal area.

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BIOTECH (Sub-Zero)

This area is simple; we would like to draw attention to the fact that any of our space solutions work in sub-zero envirionments. Now, the savings get really big.

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