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Highlights from our blog. These are items that aren't completely on topic of storing items in half the space, but they're not off topic, either.

Light as light

Physics Stack Exchange is a Q & A site for active researchers, academics and students of physics; anyone can ask or answer, and the best answers rise to the top by votes. It’s genuinely interesting and lots of fun. One post listed methods of storing cold (ice), heat (i.e. hot water bag), electrical charge (batteries) […]

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Lobe at first sight

“Things Organized Neatly” is both a Tumbler photoblog and a book curated by Austin Radcliffe that, for me, sets off a curious cranial crossfire. Since I have both artistic and organizational bents, TON has me teetering between  A) finding the photos deeply satisfying and  B) wanting to rail against the OCD that fuels stuff like this. Mostly, though, […]

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Raw Shoe Wedge

This second footwear-related entry is as close as this blog’s likely to come in adopting a trend or, at least, a shoe department. The product in our first such post assembled the pairs’ triangular shapes into a wheel, toes to the hub. This second one, “Shoe Slotz“, nests each pair vertically within a shelf-standing injected […]

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Sentinels of New York

  As a NYC expatriate, I frequently go on-line to read of how my old hometown is changing. The thing I see most – and hear from friends still there – regards the gentrification of what gave (particularly) Manhattan its character – the small Mom & Pop stores on the perimeter of the core wealth. […]

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From Skylab to Times Square

While only tangential to our mission here, this article from The Huffington Post (actually, Huffpost New York) on a means of keeping flood waters, smoke and even terrorists’ gasses from the masses greatly appealed to the ex-NYC’er in me. In the wake of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy flooding the subway tunnels, municipal minds have been prototyping and […]

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The Less Said the Better

The site Apartment Geeks has some great products and ideas in their 11/25/12 post “15 Apartment Space Saving Ideas”. Operative word: some. Number 12, an item from design house Philippe Malouin, deservedly receives a cleverly snarky comment. And I’m just staying out of it.

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